Are you in need of smoothing over a rough surface in your property in Surrey, Sussex or Kent?

Sandblasting is the answer you are looking for!

Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to either shape, strip or smooth a surface of any particular material. It rejuvenates the material making it look fresh once again.

Looking for a local professional sandblasting service in Kingston, New Malden, Sutton and the surrounding areas? Choose Blast restore, with many years’ experience we know how to complete the job with care at a low cost. Speak with our specialists today!

Different techniques are used to focus on certain surfaces. Some methods may not work as well as and could disturb the exterior. Therefore, it is essential that the experts at Blast Restore advise you on the best method for the job.

Shot Blasting is a method used to clean, strengthen or polish metal. Steel beads are shot out of the machine to remove debris and stains while also levelling out the surface.

Soda Blasting is another method which involves granulated sodium bicarbonate being applied at a high pressure onto a surface which can remove contaminants or smooth the surface.

The soda blasting technique is a much kinder approach than sandblasting as it shatters on impact. It is useful for chrome, plastics, glass materials and can also remove mould and smoke damage.

It is vital that you leave any type of blasting to an expert with many years’ experience. It is important that the professional wears a breathing apparatus and special clothing to protect them from dust inhalation.

If you are searching for a professional in sandstone restoration, then reach out to us at Blast Restore, we are on hand to bring your property back to its former glory will still protecting its aesthetic.

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Blast Restore Ltd offer paint removal services in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and the surrounding areas in the UK.

Our experts offer various methods of paint removal stripping services from façades and brick work depending on the type of paint used, we advise a trail method before to make sure to achieve the best results. We can also use blast cleaning to remove the paint that may be harder to reach.

Whether you are looking for lead paint removal or masonry paint removal company in London, at Blast restore, we can make sure to complete the job at a low cost. Our team of experts are on hand to help put your property back to its original appearance.

Are you looking for a graffiti removal service from your property in Kingston, New Malden, Sutton and beyond? Blast Restore are here to help! Our local experts at Blast Restore can use our specialist equipment to remove the graffiti at a low cost off your property.

We also make sure to protect the English Heritage which is why we use a super-heated steam system by Thermatech. Our team of professionals are all fully trained and equipped to handle this.

The super-heated system heats the water to 150°C to produce steam at a very low water pressure, this will gently heat up the surface of the paint layers that have built up and ease them off without damaging the brickwork.

We make sure to use this in conjunction with special paint softener chemicals to remove the glue residue, this becomes sympathetic to the brick and stone masonry substrate. Several applications will remove the paint fully and produce the desired outcome.

Need a property refurbishment? Or a building restoration to completely renovate the brickwork to make it look brand new? Contact us for more information today.

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